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Why put your hard earned cash into a depreciating asset? Finance is often the wiser way to purchase a vehicle providing it is tailored suitably. We work with a number of finance companies which can offer you flexible finance packages at competitive rates to suit your individual requirements.

Autologix Ltd are trusted by the industry’s top lenders including prime lenders as well as those that cater for unusual circumstances or poor credit history. Exact finance rates, terms and conditions vary depending on the individual, the vehicle to be financed and the lender.

We will scrutinise the products available to save you the hassle and present a deal we feel would benefit you, rather than us. Why do we do this? Simple, we want your car back one day and if you have the best product to start with, the selling process at the end of ownership should be much easier and financially beneficial.

Products Available include:

HP (Hire Purchase)

You normally pay an initial deposit however in some cases we can get an agreement based on no deposit. Then you pay the remainder, with interest, in monthly instalments. There's usually an administration fee to pay with the first payment and an 'option to purchase' fee with the final one.

PCP (Personal Contract Plan)

This plan gives a lower monthly payment. You put down a deposit, pay monthly instalments as you go along and leave a lump sum to pay off at the end of the contract.

The amount you defer, which is set by the finance company, is called the minimum guaranteed future value. The lender guarantees that your car will be worth that amount at the end of the contract.

When the contract ends, you have three options:

  • Pay the deferred sum and keep the car
  • Sell the car privately to fund the final payment
  • Hand the car back to the dealer / finance company

If the car is worth more than predicted, you can use the difference as a deposit on a new car.

LP (Lease Purchase)

This is basically the same as a PCP agreement, but the balloon is not guaranteed at the end of the agreement. This enables us to wrote a larger balloon in some cases, thus making the monthly payment lower.

To obtain a quote we require information regarding address, employment and personal information. To make the process even easier we can often get an instant decision on the finance.

Autologix Ltd is registered with the Office of Fair Trading and has a Consumer Credit Licence. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. All finance subject to status.

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